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How are you able to offer bite size deals?

Being that we are a small business we are able to  keep all of our operations as streamlined as possible, regularly improving upon our ordering and customer notification invest in Ethereum systems to improve ease of use and the speed at which orders can be processed. We also eliminate the overhead cost of fraud by reviewing all orders before shipping.
We are still a small company and hope to continue our growth over many years as we strive to offer outstanding customer service. We hope that by offering great products and services we will gain the confidence of our current and future customers.

We source our products from all over the world to get you the best prices available.  The price you see on our site is the price you will pay.  No additional charges or fees.

Are all of your products new?

We do not sell used products. All of our products are brand new and will come in the manufacturers packaging.

How long is delivery?
Provided the product purchased is in stock and your credit transaction is approved buy Cardano , the Company will ship the product to you within thirty (30) calendar days of your order.  Note that most of our orders are shipped within four (4) to seven (7) business days - provided the ordered product is in stock.  Should your product not be shipped to you within thirty (30) days, we will contact you to obtain approval for any additional delay or cancel your order and credit your account accordingly.  If you have not received an update from the Company within thirty (30) days from the date of your order, please contact us at support@bitesizedeals.co.uk.

What does the status of my order mean?

In process: Your order has been received and is being reviewed. This status may also mean the product may not be in stock and your order may be delayed.

Not complete, second chance: Your order did not go through and you were not charged for the product. If you do want the product you would need to place the order again.

Sent to warehouse: This means your order is being packaged for delivery.

Left warehouse: This means your order has left our warehouse and is on its way to you. You should receive it within 5 working days.

The status of my order says sent to warehouse/left warehouse. Am I still able to cancel?

Since your order is en route to or has left the warehouse, you are no longer able to cancel your order (orders en route to warehouse are already in the process of being shipped).  If you do not want the order once received and wish to return the product no later than seven days after receipt, you may contact us at support@bitesizedeals.co.uk for return instructions.  Please review our returns policy for further information.

What happens if I refuse my package upon delivery?

Per our terms and conditions and returns policy, this buy Ethereum in Somalia will be considered an unauthorized return and therefore will subject you to a 70 GBP return shipping fee. Please review our returns policy for further details.

What about warranties?

With one exception, we provide warranties for all of our products for one year, and the warranties are equivalent to the warranties provided by the manufacturer of the product you purchase.  We do not offer warranties on software.  To utilize our warranty – including to address any warranty issues, such as repairs or replacements – your product must be returned directly to us for handling (the product is not to be returned to the manufacturer).  Covered warranty issues will be handled by us at no cost to you, and we will also cover postage and handling for shipping the product to us and returning the product to you.  Please refer to our Warranties page for limitations on our warranties.

We offer extended warranties on many products for an additional cost.  Extended warranties for products, where available, will appear on the product’s dedicated description page.

How do I return my damaged or faulty product?

The first step is to email us at support@bitesizedeals.co.uk, let us know of the fault or damage. Once we have verified the fault or damage we will then proceed by sending a return label via email. Once we have received the product back it will be repaired or replaced depending on the damage or fault. This process may have a turnaround of up to 3 weeks.

Why am I asked for my CVV code?

Since this is not a face to face transaction, use of the CVV code is the consumer’s participation in purchasing with www.bitesizedeals.co.uk.

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