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Our Returns Policy


Our Purchase Guarantee   

We guarantee that the product you ordered or the identical product outside of the model number and power socket will be delivered in good condition, without defect or damage


Unauthorized Returns

If your order does not fall under our Purchase Guarantee, it is considered final and cannot be canceled, returned, exchanged, or refunded except as set forth herein.  Your order can be only be canceled (without cost to you) if it has not been sent to warehouse or left the warehouse.   

The Company retains the right to reject the return of any product, damaged by the customer.  


How to Return a Damaged, Defective or Incorrect Product


This page explains what to do if you've received a damaged, defective or incorrect product from us.


If the product was damaged in transit


If you take delivery of a package and the contents have been damaged in transit, you can return the product(s) to us within 7 days of receipt for exchange.  You, the customer, must notify the Company, within seven (7) days that the product shipped was damaged, including an explanation of the damages. A seven day notice is required so that we may prepare a return shipping form for you.  Please contact us at support@bitesizedeals.co.uk for further instructions.


If the product is defective


You have the right to return a faulty product within seven (7) days of receipt. Please contact us at support@bitesizedeals.co.uk for further instructions.



If we sent you a product you did not order (an "incorrect" product)


If you take delivery of a package and the contents are an incorrect product, you can return the product(s) to us within seven (7) days of receipt for a full refund or request that it be exchanged for the correct product.  In either even, you will not be charged to return the incorrect product to us.  Please contact us at support@bitesiezedeal.co.uk for further instructions.

If you want us to replace the product we sent you with the product you ordered, please be sure to ask for a replacement, and we'll send you the correct product as soon as we can.


Our Refunds Policy


  • A returned product will be inspected upon receipt to ensure it is an authorized return; this process can take up to five calendar days.  Refunds will be processed for an authorized returned product within 30 days of the inspection process being completed, meaning a refund on an authorized return will be processed within 35 days of the returned product being received by us.  Please note if you paid via credit card, there is a delay between the refund being processed and the credit appearing on your end.  The delay, which could be somewhere between a few days and many weeks, is a function of the banking system over which we have no control.


  • You can also view completed returns and refunds at the bottom of an order's summary page in Your Account.  If the return and refund do not appear in Your Account after 35 days from the day you sent us your return, please contact us at support&biteseizdeals.co.uk for further assistance.


  • All canceled orders are refunded within 30 business days   


How Refunds Are Calculated


Products returned because they are damaged, defective or incorrect

If you are returning a product because of an error on our part or in accordance with our returns policy because it is damaged or defective, we will cover any cost to return a defective product (via a personalized return label).



Products returned that are returned for being damaged or defective that are not damaged or defective

 We will check all products returned as damaged or defective.  In the event we find no fault, we reserve the right to re-charge you for the product(s) and recover shipping charges of 70GBP each way for the product being returned to us and re-sent to you.


Copyright protection for computer software


The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 lists computer programs within its definition of literary works. Therefore software is covered by the same general protection offered to all copyright works with a few minor amendments in interpretation and the permitted acts.   

Due to the Copyright Laws we do not accept returns on open box software under any circumstances.  We will accept the return of sealed box software within seven (7) days of receipt only if the return meets our return policy explained herein.

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